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Major Duties and Job Responsibilities:

  • Identifying and resolving process-related inefficiencies and
  • Manage all activities in the Metrology Lab including programming, operating and maintaining CMM (coordinate measuring machine) and certifying the measurement accuracy of various precision instruments.
  • Provide technical interpretation of dimensional data to resolve customer concerns and obtain tolerance and datum scheme changes.
  • Identify root cause and corrective action for dimensional quality concerns
  • Analyze and perform GR&R and SPC studies.
  • Oversee the design, build, and certification approval process for new gages.
  • Manage new product launches with Engineering team to insure timely and flawless introduction into the manufacturing facility and provide assistance when needed.
  • Other duties as assigned
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  • Repairing or replacing failed components.
  • Troubleshooting unknown issues with equipment.
  • Making adjustments to centerline operational output of assigned equipment.
  • Troubleshooting and repairing equipment using basic test equipment to aid in diagnostics.
  • Ability to assist in identifying electrical issues.
  • Finding ways to improve maintenance support and efficiency; participating in analysis and recommendation for improvements.
  • Supporting the operations team with changeovers, new user training, etc.

***We have one (1) opening available for 2nd shift and one (1) opening available for 3rd shift.***

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  • Drive 5S to world class standards
  • Direct and supervise Team Members and establish work priorities
  • Establish leadership for the shift, and institute the control to make a cost-effective, quality product, which meets and exceeds customer expectations. 
  • Keep efficiencies up to an acceptable level
  • Coordinate efforts with other shifts, and initiate and direct continuous improvement programs, establish and maintain a positive employee relations climate
  • Comply with all standard safety practices, safety guidelines and all Company guidelines and policies
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Responsible for leading innovation within a specific technology platform. Manage (as a project Leader) 2 or three projects.



  • Develop the Project Development Plan considering all the project specifications (timing, project status, internal and external APQP) and be accountable for the execution. Give feedback to the Project Team.
  • Lead the Project Team, coordination, communication and actions among the different manufacturing and development locations.
  • Solve any communication or coordination problems within the Project Team and give support and continuous feedback about the Project status.
  • Verify and control the resources, timing and cost of the different project phases in real time.
  • Responsible of achieving the project targets: timing, quality and profitability and, at the same time, customer expectations.
  • Follow up the product validation and homologation phase, receive customer feedback and give feedback internally. Ensure customer is fulfilling the commitments.
  • Responsible for the new product launch process both, in house and at the customer. Follow up of the process.
  • Customer contact in all opportunities, issues and challenges related to the project or projects.
  • Close relation with the Sales Department to develop new product quotes: analyze the feasibility to the new projects in quotation phase; coordinate the quotation of any change within the project; technical support in customer presentations.
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Depende del Supervisor de Program Managers y lleva a cabo las siguientes funciones:



  • Gestión de la relación con el cliente.
  • Identificar oportunidades de negocio.
  • Definir nuevos conceptos de producto.
  • Consolidar recursos para sus proyectos.
  • Motivar a los Ingenieros de Desarrollo de Producto y Diseñadores e involucrarlos en el día a día del diseño y desarrollo de sus piezas.
  • Establecer/mantener contactos con clientes.
  • Recopilar información sobre nuevas tecnologías.
  • Dependiendo del producto y/o programa, el Program Manager podría también ser el Ingeniero de Desarrollo de Producto.



  • Analizar posibilidad de industrialización de nuevos productos.
  • Participar en presentación técnica de ofertas al cliente y dar factibilidades a las ofertas en colaboración con los departamentos de procesos de la empresa.
  • Participar en el análisis de la competencia.
  • Gestionar las actividades de ofertas de modificaciones (costes y plazos)




  • Definir y comunicar los entregables de las fases.
  • Definir los planes de aprobación de los proyectos.
  • Entregar la documentación de las fases.
  • Resolver problemas del equipo de proyecto.
  • Recopilar y aplicar las lecciones aprendidas.
  • Suministrar recomendaciones de capacidades.
  • Verificar que los recursos son los adecuados.
  • Coordinar los recursos dentro de los equipos de proyecto.
  • Gestión de las reuniones de Proyecto.
  • Gestión de plazos, económica y de calidad del proyecto.
  • Dar soporte a los miembros del equipo.
  • Proponer el Ingeniero de Desarrollo de Producto para cada equipo de proyecto.
  • Proponer el Diseñador o Diseñadores para cada equipo de proyecto.


  • Confección y seguimiento de la Planificación Avanzada del Producto tanto interna como externa (Timing, Status del proyecto, APQP interno y externo).
  • Recoger requerimientos, especificaciones y condiciones del cliente y Canalizarlos al resto de departamentos que lo requieran.
  • Concretar todas las especificaciones con el cliente.


  • Aclarar y/o requerir que se cumplan las condiciones requeridas inicialmente por el cliente.
  • Proveer la documentación técnica necesaria para la fase de inicio y de prototipo.
  • Proponer procesos tecnológicos.
  • Coordinar las actividades de diseño y desarrollo del Producto y Proceso, incluidas las desarrolladas por diseñadores o ingenieros ubicados fuera de las instalaciones propias de SRG Europe, o subcontratados.


  • Perseguir los compromisos de presentación de muestras y de homologación.
  • Realimentar el feedback del cliente en cuanto a las muestras.
  • Conseguir compromiso cliente en cuanto a homologaciones y perseguir las mismas.


  • Seguimiento en cliente y feedback a SRG Europe.
  • Es el cliente en SRG Europe durante el desarrollo del producto.



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  • Performs a variety of diagnostic troubleshooting activities on assembly automation equipment.
  • Makes mechanical, electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic repairs to assembly automation equipment
  • Performs equipment failure analysis, repairs, and scheduled preventative maintenance on robotic and automated equipment.
  • Sets up manual and semi-automatic assembly lines and assists in operating pre-production runs.
  • Assists in installing new automated equipment and in moving equipment to new locations.
  • Edits existing robot programs.
  • Updates manuals and programs for automated equipment.
  • Keeps accurate reports of all activities performed on each piece of equipment.
  • Provides input to engineering staff on areas for machine improvements.
  • Supports all company safety and quality programs and initiatives.
  • Other responsibilities may be assigned from time to time as needed, based on the evolution of the company and the requirements of the department/position.
  • May perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned.
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Provide process engineering technical support to production units in order to address and resolve any system, process or mechanical issues that cause efficiency loss.
Provide process support to plant engineering activities involving preparation and execution of detailed engineering projects.
Design improvements relating to capacity, efficiency, process safety and environmental performance.
Work with support teams to monitor unit operations, correct problems, and assist in improvements for special problems or projects.
Lead team in identifying root cause of problems found, develop solutions and implement changes for problems as they arise from prototype to production builds.



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This position is responsible for designing, developing and driving the feasibility of our plastic parts portfolio, providing the required technical direction and focus necessary to support the award of new programs and product applications.


The ideal candidate will possess the skills and knowledge sought below but, of equal importance, he or she will be self motivated, possess a positive attitude, and be a creative thinker. This is a “hands-on” position that will work across the organization in a competitive atmosphere. Working effectively with cross-functional teams is crucial for success.



  • Responsible for the development and validation of designs that meet the structural integrity required for the product
  • Develop innovative attachment methods that can be used as a competitive advantage
  • Lead the development of alternate raw materials for performance improvement and cost reduction
  • Develop expertise in plastic parts. This includes understanding the test procedure, where to conduct testing, and how to design product to meet the requirements
  • Direct and assist assigned design personnel with day to day responsibilities on program activity
  • Responsible for drafting and maintaining applicable engineering request documents specific to assigned projects, including DFMEA, DVP&R and GD&T requirements
  • Responsible for conducting brainstorming events and developing initial design concepts for new program activity
  • Responsible for facilitating customer and internal design reviews
  • Responsible for reviewing Statement of Work / Requirements to ensure that designs meet customer expectations
  • Initiate test requests as necessary
  • Must be able to express thoughts clearly and present technical details of our design concepts and technologies
  • Responsible for identifying any critical characteristics during the initial design phase that may be required for the part design
  • Responsible for working with component suppliers or tier ones as required
  • Support day to day problem solving as required
  • Support commercial teams in developing customer relationships
  • Support R&D or Strategic Plan activity as required
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  • Installs dies on press, using clamps, bolts, and hand tools, and coats dies with parting agents, according to work order
  • Set-up press to run production
  • Organizes and sets up workstations
  • Performs all other duties as directed, requested or assigned by your supervisor
  • Alters thermostat to regulate appropriate temperature of dies
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Knowledge on how to properly use hydraulic lift equipment
  • Maintain 5S standards
  • Performs general housekeeping duties to keep your work area organized
  • Clean molds when needed
  • Willingness to work O/T as required
  • Performs all other duties as directed, requested or assigned by your supervisor
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  • Accountable for troubleshooting automation equipment throughout the plant
  • Manage the design and installation of electrical equipment including PLC’s, HMI’s, variable speed drives, and other instruments
  • Maintain, troubleshoot, and implement programming adjustments to all PLC, HMI, and SCADA programs along with variable frequency drives, vision systems, and other automated equipment
  • Develop and implement unique automated solutions to benefit production and improve cycle time
  • Reduce downtime by identifying and correcting ongoing issues and preventing quality alerts
  • Stay in compliance with all Safety requirements (5s, forklift operations, etc…
  • Responsible for following all environmental policies, procedures, work instructions and requirements applicable to his or her work, including the proper use of personal protective equipment
  • Responsible for immediately reporting to management all environmental concerns related to work being carried out, as well as, all incidents, which present a hazard to people, production, or the environment
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  • Direct and supervise Team Members and establish work priorities
  • Establish leadership for the shift, and institute the control to make a cost-effective, quality product, which meets and exceeds customer expectations.
  • Keep efficiencies up to an acceptable level
  • Coordinate efforts with other shifts, and initiate and direct continuous improvement programs, establish and maintain a positive employee relations climate
  • Lead 5S projects and lean manufacturing
  • Maintain proper safety conditions of equipment and of company assets.
  • Comply with all standard safety practices, safety guidelines and all Company guidelines and policies
  • Ensure that manufacturing job operations maintain or improve product quality
  • Stop and correct job operation if product quality is affected negatively


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  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Environmental, Health & Safety, industrial Hygiene, Engineering or related field
  • Qualified candidates should have 5 or more years EHS experience in an industrial or manufacturing environment with strong knowledge of ISO14001 mgmt. systems and audits
  • Preferred qualifications include: CSP, OSHA 30-hour course
  • Working knowledge of wastewater operations, hazardous waste mgmt., SPCC, SWPPP, environmental, health and safety regulations
  • Strong leadership skills as well as verbal and written communication skills      



Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Ensure the facility meets conformance with all corporate, local, state and federal regulations; maintain contact with state and local regulatory agencies taking direction from corporate legal capability
  • Support production operations that integrate safety into the day-to-day work activities and maintain a positive safety culture in the facility
  • Ensure effective communication with all levels of management and associates is established relating to all aspects of environmental, health and safety
  • Work with Engineering to ensure new equipment meets safety standards; control hazards by completing hazard assessments prior to equipment installation or placement into production.
  • Ensure inventory of all chemicals and utilization of SDS on line by all departments and training of all associates on the hazards and controls for those materials; train the SPCC team, perform periodic drills regarding containment, cleanup and disposal of chemicals and other spills
  • Train and maintain an emergency response team as required by EPA, OSHA and DOT; update the EMP or ERP and hold drills to evaluate emergency preparedness and response
  • Maintain 40-hour Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response certification; Method 9 certification and manage BVCP program
  • Maintain ISO14001 system compliance; perform monthly internal audits and support external audits for environmental compliance
  • Manage compliance and inspections of wastewater discharge permit, air permit and SWPPP; perform sampling and submit reports to required agencies
  • Ensure all required OHSHA training is performed to include annual training in Environmental Awareness for all plant personnel, annual waste water operator training, LOTO and other training for affected personnel
  • Conduct annual DOT training for affected personnel
  • Be knowledgeable in the operation of all subsystems in waste water facility
  • Manage Purchasing and PO’s for the EHS department
  • Manage and provide oversight to the Safety Manager regarding the following areas: worker’s compensation claims mgmt. and root cause investigation; hazard communication, hearing conservation, fall protection, lift truck program, etc.; JSA’s; hazard assessments for PPE, LOTO, Confined Spaces, industrial hygiene monitoring.
  • Manage facility waste; identify and manage recyclables programs


Physical Requirements:

  • Ability to walk, stand, bend, stoop and sit.
  • Must lift up to 50 lbs. on occasion.
  • Ability to work in fluctuating temperatures & perform work indoors/outdoors as needed.
Requisition ID

Receive and process customer orders, follow order fluctuation, take necessary actions accordingly in IVP ERP system;
Customer logistics contact and support
Production planning based on lean production concept
Processing and maintaining shipping together with the warehouse according to the customer requirements;
Maintaining flow of customer returnable packaging and Guardian/SRG Global packaging
Maintaining high level of customer service and customer satisfaction, check customer indicators
Close cooperation with production in order to resolve together daily issues
Continuous improvement, Kaizen events active participation
Keepting order in workplace- 5S

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La persona seleccionada se encargará de coordinar la comunicación directa con los clientes en todo lo relativo a temas de calidad. Realizará visitas periódicas a las plantas de los clientes. 
Gestionará y coordinará toda la información relacionada con las incidencias de calidad de los clientes asignados, tanto directamente como a través de los correspondientes portales. Para todo ello precisará recabar toda la información que se precise relacionada con las incidencias de calidad. Informará en planta de los incidentes de calidad, coordinará equipos multidisciplinares, empleando herramientas de resolución de problemas y metodologías propias de automoción para la investigación y causas raíces, definición de acciones especiales y/o retrabajos que se precisen realizar en planta de cliente. 
También se responsabilizará de las gestiones con clientes para la negociación de ppm's, así como la gestión y negociación de garantías referidas a sus clientes (gestión de portales, gestión de reclamaciones, seguimientos de costes y acuerdos..

Requisition ID
  • Corporate “buffer” between customers and SRG Global plants on day-to-day issues, as needed, working directly with the customer's quality group and responding to quality issues presented
  • Coordinate Customer Concern Resolutions (8Ds) with plant “stakeholders,” assisting in problem solving activities as needed
  • Launch Readiness: assist plant launch coordinators/Quality Engineers in preparing Process Flow Diagrams, PFMEA, Control Plans (prototype, production)
  • Ensure appropriate inspection and containment plans are in place for safe launch activities
  • Customer process audit lead (i.e GM BIQS, Ford MSA, Honda QAV, etc.):
    • Main point of contact for customer
    • Ensure compliance to all applicable quality Customer-specific systems and requirements
    • Lead plant preparation for customer process audits
    • Support customer on-site audits of the production process and ensure timely close out of any required corrective actions
  • Drive improvements to plant processes towards customer requirement of zero defects, zero missed shipments
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  • Manage the estimating process and efficiency of the North American team for dependable business and financial plans
    • Coordinate Executive Business Reviews
    • Remove roadblocks during the quoting process
    • Balance workloads & priorities
    • Escalation Point for direction and resolution of issues
    • Challenge cost inputs with relevant data
    • Challenge market pricing
    • Lead training of new employees
    • Resolve issues with process and team
  • Business partner to sales, program management, and operations teams to develop new business
  • Develop cost estimates to support the RFQ process (Request for Quotation).  The RFQ process includes the following:
    • Read and interpret customer SOW’s/SOR’s
    • Develop Product Specification Sheets (PSS) for quoting new business.  PSS includes part sketches with dimensions and proposed process flow to manufacture the part, including tooling requirements
    • Gather feedback from the different departments and incorporate such feedback in our quoting tool to develop cost
    • Support the commercial team on pricing strategy
    • Layout the financial business case to be presented to the senior team
  • Develop cost estimates to support the ECN process (Engineering Change Notification)
    • Support program managers on the ECN process
    • Ensure we leverage the ECN process to improve product profitability while delivering value to the customer
  • Support forecasting with new business data and analysis
  • Other projects and assignments as identified
Requisition ID
  • Accounts Receivable Processing
  • Pursue collection of past due invoices
  • Coordinate debit placement with Cash application team
  • Research chargebacks and deductions
  • Issue resolution regarding short payments
  • Maintain Customer, Plant and Commercial team relationships
  • Develop and expand our Share Service Center
  • Process improvement and special projects
Requisition ID

Primary single source contact for all engineering issues associated with each program that you are assigned.

  • Provide engineering feasibility and propose concepts to our customer during the theme and product development stage.
  • Lead Program Development Team (PDT) meetings regarding their specific commodity. 
  • Lead PDT reporting to management and customer, including, but not limited to, peer-reviews, craftsmanship, quality improvements, manufacturing and sales.
  • Utilize engineering disciplines (FMA, DFMEA, QFD, DVPR, APQP, PPAP etc.) and prepare necessary documentation.
  • Prepare/edit Engineering Product Specs, Participate in Test Equipment design, oversee product testing, validation, redesign if required and final production sign-off.

• Provide engineering support during product launch at our facility and the customer’s facility
• Ensure the new product is designed and engineered to achieve targeted quality and productivity levels.
• Occasional travel to out-of-state manufacturing facilities
• Meet and understand all Program Timing requirements and all customer deliverables.
• Utilize strong customer service skills when interfacing with customers.
• Direct and approved any assembly drawing changes
• Take a leadership role in identifying root cause of problems found, develop solutions and implement changes for problems as they arise from prototype to production builds.
• Identify special build requirements and obtain parts necessary for build and/or retrofit.
• Manage supply base for subassemblies and incoming material to ensure launch quality and timing dates are meet


Requisition ID
  • Lead and develop a group of product engineers that support a specific customer and or product line
  • Participate in the development of quotes, ensuring the quote is aligned with SRG best practices and capabilities
  • Lead the “Technical Sell” activities for SRG for a given customer and or product line
  • Determine and anticipate staffing and training requirements and take the necessary steps to ensure they are fulfilled
  • Determine and anticipate customer expectations, requirements, and specifications and take the necessary steps so that SRG is prepared to fulfill them
  • Lead product engineers through the design and development process ensuring that SRG Gate Process and customer requirements are completed and adhered too in a timely and efficient manner
  • Develop and implement methods and procedures for monitoring projects
  • Train the team in the appropriate engineering disciplines (APQP, DFM, DFMEA, DVPR, GD&T, SPC, PPAP, problem solving, etc.) and ensure they are utilized and followed
  • Ensure product engineering support is provided at our facility and the customer’s facility as appropriate
  • Direct and approve design releases and changes for a given customer and or product line            
  • Demonstrate project issue knowledge and effectively make decisions based on appropriate data.  Guide development teams to focus on data based decision-making
  • Take a leadership role in identifying root cause of problems found, develop solutions and implement changes for problems as they arise
  • Effectively communicate expectations of performance and lead, evaluate, monitor, and develop the employees to ensure their maximum contribution to the achievement of the department objectives
  • Build rapport and maintain effective customer relationships 
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